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This is a UK focussed investing blog in which I chronicle my decisions following a real life portfolio and discuss and improve my investment strategy.

My investing strategy is based the idea that shares with certain attributes, e.g. value, quality and momentum, outperform the market on average. My strategy is focussed primarily on exploiting two such attributes in combination: a) the tendency for high quality defensive compounders to outperform over time and b) the tendency of shares with momentum to continue to do well. You can find out more about my strategy following the menu above.

Hope you enjoy and please leave comments if you find this interesting or would like to ask questions or discuss related topics.

Quality Share Surfer

Ranking the watchlist

The basic idea

In my last post I mentioned that I intended to more clearly record my shorthand assessments of the quality of the various shares on my watchlist. Doing this could help to clarify both how I am adding certain shares to the watchlist and how I am deciding which of these shares to add to my portfolio when funds become available. Continue reading

HL sold

I have sold my holding in Hargreaves Landsdown realising a 7% loss. My view on its quality has not changed much, though I now have some niggling concerns about its growth prospects. The main reason for selling is actually that I need some cash and Hargreaves looked like the weakest link because of its weak price momentum.

With the proceeds I have added to AB Dynamics taking it to 5.2% of the portfolio and am withdrawing the rest.


Identifying quality

Identifying high quality businesses is undoubtedly the key aspect of my investing strategy. If I get this right then I will benefit from the magic of compounded growth over time from businesses that are in general likely to be undervalued. In an ideal world I should be buying the kind of shares that I can ‘buy and hold’ forever.

This post is an attempt to bring a bit more structure and clarity to how to assess quality and to unpack some parts of it in a bit more detail. Continue reading