Buying spree

It feels somewhat uncomfortable writing a post entitled ‘buying spree’, given my current ambition to trade less. However, it seemed appropriate given I bought three new positions this week. Quite a few decent looking opportunities have been cropping up and it seemed foolish not to capitalise on at least some of them. Continue reading

Portfolio Review: July 2018

My portfolio has finally resumed its advance over the last quarter, though the performance has not quite been spectacular. I’ve slowed down my portfolio turnover over the last quarter and am hoping that this small shift in strategy is going to suit the current market volatility a bit better.  Continue reading

Thoughts on market crashes

Nine years into a bull market following the financial crisis, I think many investors are wondering whether the next market crash is imminent. I for one have been fairly preoccupied about this since the end of last year and have been planning to write a post sharing my musings on market timing for quite some time. Can the timing of the next market crash be predicted with any precision at all? Is there anything that can be done to prepare for it, or is it just not worth worrying about?
Continue reading