Overall review

Now I’ve been through all the underlying shares there are a few important points to cover about my overall portfolio. I want to look back at the overall performance and the major past decisions and mistakes from the past year. I also want to look forward and consider whether my portfolio is has the right strategy and is sufficiently well diversified to deal with the upcoming ‘macro’ environment. Continue reading

Portfolio review

To get things started I’m going to review my current portfolio. I have 23 holdings currently so this might take a bit of time!

In this post I’ll start by going through my 3 biggest holdings and give a brief explanation of why I hold each one, first discussing ‘quality’ i.e. why I think it is a great business and second ‘pricing’ i.e. whether now is a good time to buy it given the current price.

Once I’ve gone through the individual shares I’ll review the portfolio and the performance of my strategy as a whole to try and identify weaknesses, risks and possible improvements. Continue reading