LSE & JDG bought

My portfolio is treading water at the moment. I’m still optimistic about the remainder of the year, which tends to be the strongest season for the stock market. As I mentioned in my last post, I’m going to move to trading at most only once every two weeks so that I don’t end up relying on stop losses too much, or overtrade. I started with one trade this week under this new system. In addition to that, I have to update on a trade made last week. Continue reading

NSP bought

My portfolio continues to wade slowly through the rather treacly summer markets. Some of my larger holdings, notably Burford, seem to be going from strength to strength, while others, like Bioventix, are showing some (hopefully temporary) weakness. Still, slow progress is better than no progress and right now I’m feeling optimistic that the second half of the year should be a good one. Continue reading

Letting go of mistakes

It’s slow but steady progress at the moment for my portfolio. All seems well right now but I expect some more volatility is just around the corner, judging by how this year has been going so far.

This is just a short post to update on my trades from last week. A few mistakes unfortunately, but hopefully I’ve resolved them well. Continue reading

Two steps forward, one step back

After a decent July, this week was a pretty torrid one for my portfolio, which fell 3.4%. This was not really the result of any bad news for my holdings, but appears more due to wider sector rotation away from highly valued growth stocks to cheaper value stocks. Following a timely reader comment on a recent post, I’ve been wondering whether this could be the start of a more prolonged shift. Continue reading

PYPL, PHA bought

The heatwave has been quite something. I’ve been trying to make the most of it, but unfortunately the timing has coincided with a very busy period for me at work. I’ve also become acutely conscious of just how unprepared London’s infrastructure is for heatwaves. Commuting has been particularly unbearable. It’s been more difficult to take advantage of this time to work on the blog. Hopefully the hot weather hasn’t been clouding my judgment, as I think I’d been becoming overly bullish about near term market prospects. That is until Thursday’s and Friday’s falls in US tech stocks brought me back down to earth.

Continue reading

Buying spree

It feels somewhat uncomfortable writing a post entitled ‘buying spree’, given my current ambition to trade less. However, it seemed appropriate given I bought three new positions this week. Quite a few decent looking opportunities have been cropping up and it seemed foolish not to capitalise on at least some of them. Continue reading

Summer jitters

Since I last optimistically posted about the state of the markets a couple of weeks ago, things have taken a turn for the worse. This has particularly affected the US markets. The media have latched on to the nearest suspect, the prospect of a US trade war, as the most likely culprit. I’m optimistic that a sustained major trade war is unlikely to materialise and I’m still keeping my positive medium term outlook for the markets. However, I don’t think it pays to have too much conviction about such things. While no doubt fears about tariffs are a catalyst, the factors underlying the recent market weakness are likely more complex and could be a legitimate cause for concern. Continue reading