TRI & PAYC bought

A decent week for the markets last week, though marred by a big fall in my largest holding Arista Networks on Friday. As the markets continued to rebound strongly, despite further signs of inflation ahead of expectations in the US, I decided to reinvest some of my portfolio cash balance. I still anticipate some more turbulence ahead, though think the signs look generally bullish. I bought two new positions in Trigano and Paycom. Continue reading

Rearranging deck chairs

Since my last post, the markets have continued to be volatile. I am very glad to have raised cash at the beginning of last week so I’ve been on the front foot looking for opportunities, rather than being dragged passively on a stomach churning ride. There were big falls on Thursday and Friday last week in the US, followed by a big reversal on Friday that has followed through into Monday and Tuesday this week. This reversal seems pretty bullish to me, at least in the short term, though I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet. The UK markets have been vaguely following the US but in a slightly less volatile manner. Continue reading

Volatility spikes

Well the market correction is finally upon us. I’ve been flagging that a correction might be on the cards for the past couple of weeks, so I can’t really say it was totally unexpected. However, the speed and severity unfortunately has caught me off-guard and I went in to this week near fully invested. In hindsight, I should have been more cautious and kept hold of more cash, rather than just hoping to deal with it when it came. Lesson learned hopefully, but it’s useless dwelling too much on the past. What’s needed now is a game-plan for how to make the best of the current situation. Continue reading

Correction starting?

It was a pretty grim week for the stock markets, especially in the US, with the Nasdaq selling off almost 4%.  My portfolio did relatively well, with larger positions in Amazon and On the Beach and a number of positive trading updates acting as buoyancy against the sell off. I’m more concerned about what’s coming up next. The fact that most of the US fall came late on Friday doesn’t bode well for next week.

There were quite a few trading updates for my portfolio this week. I also made a couple of new purchases earlier in the week.  Continue reading

Cable on a tear

The main news last week was the resurgence of the pound, or depending on your perspective the fall in the dollar. The greenback has been sinking steadily against the pound and most other currencies over the past month or so. This unfortunate timing coincides with my move into investing in US stocks and has provided a strong headwind. This is becoming a bit of a baptism of fire – I’ve certainly become a lot more aware of exchange rates as a result.

Fortunately for me though, the US stock market has been rising relentlessly to offset the currency headwinds (at least for most of my US holdings). The lack of volatility in the US stock market is starting to become a bit of a concern – I think it feels like a bubble or at least the start of one. I certainly picked an interesting time to start investing in the US. Continue reading

PMP bought

Another so-so slightly disappointing week for my portfolio. As I had hoped, there was a positive trading update from one of my largest positions, JD Sports, but the reaction to it has been pretty muted. My portfolio hasn’t progressed much for the past three months or so and I’ve been trading quite a bit more than I would like as momentum has often been faltering.  This is making me more bearish about the markets in general. I’m going to do a bit of thinking about how to anticipate and react to a market correction and will write about it in a later post. In the meantime I’m going to try to let my cash balance drift up a bit and restrain myself from over-trading. Continue reading

If only…

…the market always reacted to news in the way you would expect. Well I guess that would take some of the fun out of it but sometimes quite a bit of patience is required.

It was a very busy week full of results and trading updates for the shares in my portfolio. There was news from Craneware, Games Workshop, Superdry, Jupiter Fund Management (also, Somero and Liontrust which I added to the portfolio during the week).

None of the updates were bad and some of them excellent. On the other hand, the market’s reactions to them were a bit all over the place. Continue reading