Stock season

We’ve left September behind and moved into October. Traditionally this is bad for the weather but good for stocks. I’m hoping so and things are beginning to look more positive. The scores of the shares on my watchlist are starting to tick up higher due to positive news and some share prices hitting new highs.  Continue reading

Difficult week

It was a difficult week last week, with falls across a lot of the portfolio. The weekly performance at almost -5% was the worse for more than a year. I’m increasingly feeling that we are embarking on period of volatility where my momentum strategy is going to come a bit unstuck. Though it’s premature to say that of course. September is often not a great month for investing. Continue reading

Sketchy week

Some volatility for share prices again this week, particularly on Friday following a further North Korean missile test and some hints from the Bank of England that interest rate rises may be coming sooner rather than later. Higher interest rates would be bad news for my portfolio both because equities become less attractive relative to bonds and because of the impact on the exchange rate. A higher pound means my investments, which mostly earn in dollars, are worth less in pounds. Accordingly, my portfolio has taken a bit of a hit today. Continue reading

OTB, BUR sold; MCGN, NMC, BUR bought

I’ve been away for a week and so haven’t yet had a chance to update on a number of trades I have made. I have taken profits on two large holdings, Burford Capital and On The Beach as they fell through stop losses. I have bought three new positions, buying back NMC Health, Burford and buying Microgen for the first time. Continue reading