Watchlist review

I first introduced my watchlist here. Since then I have made some updates including recording my watchlist with scores in a spreadsheet.

This review looks at what has changed substantively to the watchlist since I first introduced it: what has been added, what has been removed and what has been considered but rejected. There’s been quite a bit of change to the watchlist since last time – I expect there to be a lot less churn next time. Continue reading

My watchlist

I wasn’t going to say much about my watchlist to maintain a bit of mystery and so my hordes of followers didn’t inflate the prices of the stocks I on the list before I bought them. But thinking about it the one reader who seems to be following my blog at the moment is from China and may not even speak good English let alone have enough money at hand to invest in the UK stock market to do this.

Developing and maintaining a watchlist of the best possible shares on the UK market is a key part of my process so here’s how I go about it and what’s on the list. Continue reading