ACSO bought

A good week for the portfolio last week – a 2% rise. Market conditions seem pretty optimal to me at the moment. The FTSE has benefited from a surge in the oil price over the last month and a fall in the Pound against the Dollar. Quite a few shares on my watchlist seem to be breaking out or about to break out. There seems to be a healthy degree of scepticism in the media at the moment about how much further the market can continue to rise. Hopefully this should mean there is cash on the sidelines to provide the fuel for another leg up over the second half of the year. Continue reading

Buying the dip

I normally choose what to buy from my watchlist based primarily on share price momentum. This is for good reason – momentum is a proven phenomenon. However, this may mean I am neglecting occasional opportunities to ‘buy the dip’ in the less well-performing shares on my watchlist i.e. buying shares when their prices have (hopefully temporarily!) fallen. A number of the shares on my watchlist have recently successfully recovered from temporary dips. Buying the dip could be a useful addition to my arsenal, so I’ve thought through whether and when I might employ it. Continue reading

HWDN bought

My portfolio had a fairly decent week last week, breaking out more convincingly to new highs. We are in the middle of results season, with five companies in my portfolio reporting this week: Estee Lauder, Paycom, MasterCard, Moncler and Howden Joinery (new buy). All of these reported earnings and revenues ahead of analyst expectations. However, some of their share prices fell on the news, including fairly substantial falls from Estee Lauder and Paycom, presumably as speculators were hoping for even greater outperformance. Thankfully my portfolio did well in spite of this, or I might have felt rather hard done by… Continue reading

Exchange rate respite

The exchange rate headwind I’ve been facing from a strengthening Pound and weakening dollar is starting to show signs of changing to a tailwind. This is providing a welcome boost to my portfolio, which is bouncing around near its highs but still failing to make real progress. I made one opportunistic purchase this week, buying AB Dynamics after it reported some excellent results and a bullish outlook. Continue reading

ADBE bought

The stock markets are starting to pick up a bit again. The shares on the watchlist are picking up too: there are now 35 within 5% of their yearly highs and 55 within 10%. This compares to 18 within 5% and 45 within 10% a couple of weeks ago. My portfolio had a good week and is back near it’s all time highs for the fourth time since volatility picked up late last year – I’m fairly optimistic that this time it can break through and continue its progress. Continue reading