Portfolio and performance

It is somewhat difficult to track my performance effectively as I am currently adding new funds to the portfolio (so performance looks inflated). I hope to resolve this properly by creating a bespoke spreadsheet when I have the time but as a temporary solution I have created a fantasy fund on Stockopedia to track my performance (which somewhat under represents true performance and does not include dividends).


My actual portfolio contains the same shares in similar proportions (but is worth a bit less).

My goal is to substantially outperform what I believe are suitable benchmarks over the medium and long run. I use the FTSE100 as my default benchmark for tracking on an ongoing basis as I think it is a reasonable counterfactual to what I might do if I did not invest actively. However, I also review against other more challenging benchmarks, such as the top Stockrank shares on Stockopedia.

Here is my latest portfolio review. You can find previous ones on the menu at the side of the page.